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Bush Telly (Bush Telly Trust) was originally established by NZERN as its NZ Natural History Media Unit.

The aim was to make programmes that would support conservation in New Zealand, by encouraging people to read books, understand natural history and learn new skills so that they can take part in effective conservation efforts. The programmes would communicate science without dummying down and would be for free use by the wider general public.

Key dates

2001 NZERN established Bush Telly as its NZ Natural History Media Unit.
2005 Film crew established.
2006 Planning and making equipment.
2007 Detailed research for future programmes, internet radio station established.
2008 Responsibility for www.bush.org.nz and www.bushwiki.org.nz handed over to Bush Telly.
2009 Bush Telly wins Ellerslie Flower Show top awards, filming 50 conservation interviews.
2010 Bush Telly returns to Ellerslie and films another 53 conservation interviews. Bush Telly becomes fully independent after NZERN closes.